The stars they all stand up in the sky

Make me want to fly away with you

The winds pile themselves into my dreams
Reminding me only of the lack of you
          –Karan Casey
          (Chasing The Sun)

November 19, 1948 – April 27, 2012
On the 3rd Anniversary of the passing of my partner Carol Levasseur I remember and honor a quiet woman deeply committed to peace. Carol loved life and dedicated herself to caring for others. She was a loving daughter and the devoted mother of two boys who are now caring and kind men. She was a friend and rescuer to many abandoned animals. She was an amazing painter of forests, rivers and fire. She wrote beautiful poetry and was a gifted carpenter and craftswoman.

We were together for ten years. She was the kindest and most loving partner I ever knew. We found each other late in life. I never dreamed she would leave so early. I remain eternally grateful for the gift that was bestowed upon me the day she came into my life.

Carol lived up to the meaning of her name . . . She is and always will be my beautiful song.
-forever and always
April 27, 2015
Where there's a pure heart
It's there I will go

Remembering Carol
 (my song for peace)

One More Day
My love so dear as this life you are to me
Your kiss so clear as the crystal of the sea
Please save me, I have fallen here
I am lost and alone
An angel weeps, I hear her cry
A lonely prayer, a voice on high
Dry all your tears, come what may
And in the end the sun will rise
On one more day
Please save me, I have fallen here
I am lost and alone

The sun will rise
On one more day

                   –Richie Havens


Carol Levasseur Sciacca passed peacefully into eternity on Friday, April 27, 2012 at 1:14 am, on a cool Spring morning. I am so thankful that I was able to be at her side at that moment, in the home where we experienced so much happiness together. Despite the many sorrows Carol faced during her 63-1/2 years on this Earth, she lived each and every day with courage and grace. During the last few years Carol finally realized her lifelong dream to find love and settle down in a home of her own. After many years of struggle, the happiness and inner peace that she had longed dreamed of became a reality. Throughout her life, up to and including the one year and 3 weeks since she was diagnosed with cancer, Carol's gentle spirit touched many many hearts.

Carol was an indispensable participant in every aspect of songs4peace. She was a tireless organizer, videographer, road manager, CD manufacturer ... my muse and biggest supporter. She believed deeply in peace for all beings. To me, she was the embodiment of peace on Earth. I feel blessed beyond measure to have shared the last 9-1/2 years of Carol's life. I have been so enriched by our time together. She will live in my heart forever.

May 7, 2012

Tonight I bless the hands of fate
That brought you to my doorway
Weary, worn and worth the wait
So willing to explore me
One rose for every vow you kept
One for every tear you wept
For all the moments you were kind
Roses at the end of time

One rose for every dream you dared
One for every wrong repaired
For all that bound your heart to mine
Roses at the end of time
"Roses At The End of Time"
by Eliza Gilkyson